Decorating with mirrors is the simplest way to improve a home's interior

decorating with wall mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is one of the simplest and most economical ways to improve a home's interior

If you want to make your living space look bigger by increasing its perspective of any room and at the same time add brightness to a room a wall mirror hung in the room is a wonderful idea, or to amplify the effect you can use a number of wall mirrors hung together either side by side or opposite each other to increase the effect.

And the wonderful thing about a decorative mirror is that you can hang them anywhere from the bathroom to the living room and do definitely use them in the bedroom where they become a very attractive decorative dressing aid. The best part is decorating with mirrors is one of the simplest and most economical ways to improve a home's interior.

The secret of hanging a decorative wall mirror in a room is that you must be careful not to introduce an air of sterility and that is because mirrors on their own can be rather dull and lifeless, especially if they are reflecting just a blank wall. So when you hang large decorative wall mirrors always consider what they are going to reflect and ensure that the refection that they create is a lively, interesting or colorful one.

The simple idea of adding a wall mirror creates dimension and reflection of other objects to create, depth, interest, and brightness to any room. Mirrors are distinctively the beauty of any home, mirrors create an illusion of space and reflection of light to any room.

Of course in a room setting that is modern and contemporary a decorative wall mirror or mirrors strategically placed can be used dramatically to draw attention to items of furniture in a room and the interesting lines and color of all modern and contemporary furniture creating very dramatic effects.

When you are designing your room and laying out the setting of furniture, look at ways of incorporating that extra element of drama that can be created using mirrors to reflect their reflections, the results can be incredible, then when you are physically furnishing your room look at the reflections in each mirror and if you need to move the mirrors to make sure that you are achieving the best of the effect.

If the interior design concept of the room setting that you are creating requires some additional touches to complement the contemporary furniture, you can easily add drama and color to your use of decorative wall mirrors by using a number of techniques. Flowers and foliage inform of mirrors can add either warmth, elegance or if you use large potted foliage mystery as well.

If you are looking to add little touches of warmth, interest and subtle color, groups of tall thick church candles supplemented by candles half their size always looks dramatic by daylight and at night they glow as do their reflections in the wall mirrors that you have cleverly placed around your room.

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